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As a prime contractor for Recovery Logistics, Inc., XDR specializes in the recruitment, qualification, registration, training, and deployment of emergency response subcontractors to be utilized by RLI during service restoration operations around the country.

RLI provides the equipment, logistics, and personnel to assist major communication companies in restoring and maintaining cellular service during extended commercial power interruptions created by severe weather situations.

XDR is able to provide this service through the use of an automated process for subcontractor registration, online training, testing, situation alert, and mobilization.

To learn more about the opportunities to participate in RLI's disaster recovery efforts as an independent subcontractor for XDR, visit the Work for XDR page on this site or to sign-up use our Registration form.

Overview of Disaster Recovery Operations

Since cellular phone service has become so common over the last decade, the interruption of commercial power service to cellular tower sites caused by hurricane, ice/snow storms, flooding, or earthquake, places a critical burden on the ability of rescue personal and those living in the effected area to communicate.

The restoration of cellular phone service is a major priority in any disaster situation.  Xtreme Disaster Recovery (XDR) personnel and contractors respond to the area, pickup mobile generator units, deploy those units to cellular tower sites (often times in remote locations), connect them to the site's power supply, and maintain fuel supplies to the site.

Although it may take several weeks, once the commercial power service is restored to an area, XDR contractors recover the equipment and restore original commercial service connections.

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